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A Word from the President

I started Archey Industrial Sales, Inc. in 1989.  My father was a successful businessman.  By working along side him he instilled in me at an early age what he believed the most necessary principles in business.  As follows:  At all times maintain a solid reputation of integrity, honesty, responsibility, reliability and flawless customer service.  Always strive to exceed the customer’s expectations.  If a problem arises address it promptly and leave excuses in your #%#@%.

 My company’s decades of success in this business have been based on my father’s basic principles paired with strong leadership and innovative ideas.  The projects we handle range in complexity but they are all approached with the same level of commitment.   I have been fortunate to secure and work with a network of world-class people.  I place the same level of expectation to deliver excellent work on my installers as I do my vendors.   We understand that listening to our customers and delivering what they request is a collaborative effort.  Our responsibility is to insure clear well-defined goals and outcomes with an open line of communication that is critical to keeping projects on target.

 Our reputation is one of assisting our customers by developing ideas and working closely to reach their project objectives.  We work side-by-side with our customers to develop equipment and production lines using standard-design equipment and/or custom-design equipment to meet their needs. The extensive experience and product lines we bring to you are valuable in making your plants and facilities more efficiently organized, productive and profitable.

We understand no company can be all things to all people so we frequently review what products and services we offer to our customers.  We continue to add new products in order to stay current and relevant within the industry.    

I measure my company’s success by the number of repeat customers as well as the new customers that are referred to us.   As my father’s voice reminds me  “Profit is the reward you deserve only after you have satisfied your customers expectations”.    We look forward to satisfying your expectations in reaching your project goal.


Robert Archey